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Price list of Hong Kong to China courier service (Price included import declaration tax, picking up stocks from Hong Kong, distribute to Shenzhen and Dongguan)


Mini Storage Price List

Usable Area
Width x Depth
Standard Rate
(per month)

3 months

6 months

12 months

(25% off) (30% off) (35% off)
9 3 x 3 532 399 372 346
12 3 x 4 669 502 469 435
16 4 x 4 840 630 588 546
24 4 x 6 1112 834 778 723
32 4 x 8 1380 1035 966 897
50 5 x 10 2105 1579 1474 1368
More sizes are available here

  HKD Per Kilogram

HKD 6.00

colour card, paper product, paper bag, price tag, price label, manual, name card, paper box, cardboard, colour box, index, hang tag, poster, plastic bag, plastic film, plastic mold, plastic tube, plastic buckle, iron cover, iron stripe, iron board, water screw, plastic cover, plastic shell / plastic case, satin ribbon, woven ribbon, heel, button, shoe buckle, vamp, shoelace, sole, iron buckle, iron steel, iron rack, satin, color ribbon, tight-loose stripe, fashion belt, monthly calendar, calendar, door knob, rope, adhesive paper, steel plate, plank, poly foam, cork, adhesive plaster, sponge, spring, steel rule, ball bearing, aluminum plate, steel wire, aluminum products, steel products, foam, iron stand, kraft, plastic box

HKD 8.00

fabric, wallpaper, commercial booklet, candle, plastic plug, rubber tape, plastic granule, metallic socket, yarn, thread ball, yarn sample, lace, buckle, zipper, acrylic product, phone wire socket, plastic connector, plastic spray head, iron core, iron needle, magnet, ribbon, brush, dough, stone products, gloves

HKD 9.00

electric cord, gear wheel, pulley, turbine, oilstone, millstone, welding bar/stick, grinding wheel, aluminum cord, glass products, pottery, faucet, scouring pad, pressure pipe, wooden products, mosaic, magazine, sandpaper, emery wheel

HKD 10.00

glue, filter net, dried flower, lampshade, hair accessories, PU synthetic leather, plastic toy, artificial leather, ceramic cup mold, watchstrap, low value imitate accessories products, gold stamping paper, laser paper, sculpture, industrial leather belt, non-silver cutlery, blade, articficial leather hand bag, hat, card stand, protection range, industrial coil, taps, hand tools, metal lock, carpet, computer collection cord, collection cord, fan blades, power point, railway.....

HKD 12.00

dyestuff, bearing, pigment, paint, lubricating oil, engine oil, washed silk, resin, aluminum ingot, copper ingot, stationary, metallic tool, switch, ceramic plate, nap toy,  mechanic oil seal, socks, fuse, watchcase, watch dial, plastic button, low value drill, cutters, shoe sample, socket, low value lamps, torch, cleanser, kitchen tools, grinding cream, solder paste, cast iron valve, photographic paper, ink, tie, terminal,  zinc plate......

HKD 14.00

color powder, thermometer, low value sports goods, printing ink, electric switch, power supply, drill, LED light, accessories, manometer, variometer, hydraulic meter, buzzer, solar window film, charger, filter core, colour band,  small motor

HKD 18.00

blank board, mold, lamps and latterns, Christmas illumination, underwear, clothes, furniture, light case, empty ink case, thermal mug, lens, blank circuit board, mobile phone case, film, attar, heating rod, air-pressure parts, air pressure meter, industrial electric switch, electrical catridge heater, low value engine spare parts, dry battery, cooling fan, sewing machine accessories, illumination, fan, empty toner cartridge, keyboard, mouse, transformer

HKD 20.00

electric heat ring, hydraulic accessories, speaker, IC socket, thermometer, clock, magnifier, gear-shift valve, button cell, calculator, electrical tools, electric toys, leather belt, sheepskin, cowskin, high-end illumination, relay, electric meter, electric box

HKD 28.00

high value flow meter, vacuum pump, capacitor, resistor, toaster, electric number board, heater, diode, triode, toner, sports equipment, hand dryer, coin selector accessories, filter, low value speaker, megaphone, microphone, low value music instruments, gymnastic equipment, camera lens, small electrical, appliances, inductor, antenna

HKD 35.00

kitchen equipment, sensor box, mercury cell, frequency converter, hourmeter, temperature controller, low value sewing machine, industrial transformer, electric password lock, toner case, computer collection box, testing faceplate, motor drive, dynamo, printer parts, fire fighting equipment, punch, tuner, detector, sensor...

HKD 50.00

programmer, ear trumpet, network supply, remote control, printer, computer case, low value circuit board, fax machine, low value circuit box, low value display, burner, low value converter, multimeter, tester, card reader, photocopier

To be discuss

Transistor, IC, electronic parts, hard disk, CD-Rom, bar code machine, modem, tester,  lens, driver, inkjet case, camera, electric products, electric watch, watch movement, motor car assembly, medical, display, high-end video recorder, chip, RAM, processor, cosmetic, oscilloscope, tester, computer main board, monitor, communication, equipment accessories, high-tech equipment, multilayer ceramic, industrial storage battery, small machinery equipment, DVD player, scanner, low value LCD card, camera price to be discuss for high value goods


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